Citi Bike, Other Bike-Sharing Data In 179 Cities Added

Apple Maps now includes bike sharing data for more than 175 cities

Apple Maps Now Shows Bike Sharing Stations in Montreal, Toronto and Beyond

Apple has made life easy for the those bike lovers, who don't have their own bikes but want to have some adventure with bike-riding. In the supporting cities, users can now just type "bike sharing" or the name of a bike-sharing service into the Apple Maps search bar and it will then show you all of the nearby dock locations as well as the bike-sharing service's phone number and website. Ito World has worked with dozens of companies to license and normalize bike-sharing data.

An Apple Maps feature went live today with bike-sharing data for more than 175 cities in 36 countries.

Apple and Ito World have partnered up to bring bike-sharing dock information to Apple Maps, TechCrunch reports. May be company add this in upcoming update, but for now this feature gives you only the address, name and service's contact information.

Though the latest update is a big thing, it isn't enough to lure users of more sophisticated apps for bike-sharing information. Let's be honest, bike sharing isn't equivalent to the Mario Kart skin Google rolled out to Google Maps for MAR10 Day, but it's a good start. It supports Citi Bike in New York City, Ford GoBike in San Francisco, BIKETOWN in Portland, BIXI in Montreal, Santander Cycles in London, CityCycle in Brisbane, bicing in Barcelona, as well as nextbike in Germany, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and many others. The app now also supports airport and mall maps etc.

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