First ever MacBook Air with Retina Display leaks alongside affordable MacBook

Maricris Jose
            		      4:40 PM

Maricris Jose 4:40 PM

Crucially however, the rumoured MacBook is set to have a price closer to that of the current generation of 13-inch MacBook Airs. According to online reports, this variant is expected to be priced similar to the MacBook Air range or a bit higher.

The 13.3-inch a-Si panels for the new notebook feature the same resolution as Apple's 13.3-inch MacBook Pro at 2,560 by 1,600. And we've also heard more recently on the grapevine that Apple is planning to debut a new, cheaper 13-inch MacBook Air.

The new entry-level iPad will reportedly launch in Q2 2018.

Whilst it seems like it will be cheaper than the current 12-inch MacBook which costs $1299, Digitimes is not very precise when it comes to pricing.

Hsiao pointed out that Apple originally looked to reduce cost by seeking panel supply for the new MacBook from a China-based maker, but the US-based vendor has chose to source the panels from Korea-based LG Display due to issues at the China supplier.

LG Display starts mass production of display panels for the new laptop in April. While DigiTimes doesn't explicitly refer to an incoming MacBook Air, it's still conceivable that this report is talking about a refreshed Air - although we don't think it's very likely that Apple would make major changes to the Air lineup given the lack of attention the company has paid to the range in recent times. A second report now backs up Kuo's claims. New iPad Pros are also expected which will see more impressive upgrades including reduced bezel size, Face ID, and no home button.

DigiTimes Research senior analyst Jim Hsiao expects shipments of the new MacBook to only reach about two thirds of Apple's expectations in 2018. Apple sold slightly more than 5 million Macs in the company's first quarter for 2018, which is down 5 percent compared to past year.

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