Man fleeing police run over by his own vehicle

Watch: 'Oops!' - Drunk man runs himself over with own car while fleeing US cops

Video shows man fleeing Virginia police get hit by own car

Police in Virginia were not about to let a suspected drunk driver get away.

Virginia police say Isaac Bonsu forgot to put the auto in park as he tried to escape.

A daring half-mile chase ensued, but it ended rather unusually with Bonsu jumping out of his auto and starting to run off.

Fairfax County police say officers tried to pull Bonsu over on Sunday.

The Fairfax County Police Department released video in which suspect Bonsu, 30, is seen exiting his vehicle but apparently forgetting to set the parking brake.

Authorities said 30-year-old Isaac Bonsu led police on a chase and jumped out of the auto to led officers on a foot pursuit in the Mount Vernon area of Fairfax County.

Uninjured, Bonsu got up and attempted to run but was quickly caught by police.

The man quickly tries to run in front of the vehicle, apparently not realizing it was still rolling forward.

Bonsu tried to evade police in his auto, eventually pulling into a residential neighborhood.

Bonsu gets up and continues running.

Officials said Bonsu was physically OK after the incident. The officer who was behind him made a quick arrest.

Police say he was charged with a third offense of driving while intoxicated and a "long list" of other things.

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