Apple planning three new iPhones for 2018

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Apple to release 2018 iPhone with massive 6.5-inch display – and it will be available in gold

The news agency reports that Apple is planning three new phones, including a new iPhone in a "phablet" size, with a screen of 6.5inches and resolution of 1242 x 2688.

The phone will be about the size of an iPhone 8 Plus but will have much less bezel and far more screen on its front, according to Gurman.

The device is expected to be a hit with business users, allowing them to craft e-mails and manage spreadsheets on a screen that's about as large as what you'd find on a small tablet. With the new plans, Apple plans to lure back iPhone users with a lineup that offers a model for every taste. However as Apple enters the mature phase, it needs more products to support its growth, and possibly with three phones, the company is looking to continue that growth. These rumors fit previous leaks that claimed the device would have a 6.5 inch screen, making it the largest phone out of all the competitors on the market. The iPhone X Plus might also have a dual-SIM option.

With the global smartphone market set to stay flat or even shrink after meagre growth of one percent past year, vendors are focusing on features created to encourage consumers to ditch their old phones earlier than they would have previously. Apple apparently planned to release a gold iPhone X a year ago but canceled it due to production issues. The first new iPhone X would just be an expected upgrade to the existing iPhone X. It would pack a more powerful A12 processor, run iOS 12, and maybe come in a new color. Based on the specifications from suppliers of Apple, here are some of the features iPhones customers must look forward to.

Apple's upcoming smartphone is expected to sport a 6.5-inch OLED display.

The report reiterates Kuo's claim that Apple is building a cheaper version of iPhone X that will use standard LCD panel, feature an edge-to-edge display design, and offer Face ID instead of a fingerprint sensor.

The phones will have an updated operating system, which will include upgraded augmented reality capabilities, deeper integration of the Siri digital assistant, digital health monitoring and the ability to use Animojis in FaceTime, the report said.

But a huge phone isn't the only trick Apple might have up its oversized sleeve.

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