Samsung launches data-saving and privacy-protecting Samsung Max app for Android

Samsung Max App With Data Saving and Privacy Protection Features Released

Samsung launches data-saving and privacy-protecting Samsung Max app for Android

Users can get the same content delivered on their screen without using more megabytes.

As with Opera Max, there are two main areas of focus in Samsung Max: saving data and protecting privacy. For users who are now using Opera Max, they will receive an automatic upgrade to Samsung's own app starting on February 23.

Up until August of a year ago, Opera offered a data-saving browser for Android called Opera Max. Users will be able to view savings reports, and they can also turn on data savings so it will be able to reduce data consumption of apps. The feature offers smart advice on which applications are consuming the most data, and constantly scans for data saving opportunities.

Not only this, this app can encrypt your data when it is sent through non-secure Wi-Fi networks.

Privacy Protection Mode - Open, untrusted, and unknown Wi-Fi hotspots are secured and protected with one-tap encryption, tracker blocking and a DNS (Domain Name System) masking service.

Samsung Max is part of Samsung's "Make for India" initiative and is primarily aimed at users in the country. It can also help manage apps by limiting or restricting their mobile and Wi-Fi data consumption. "Because of this, we are now introducing Samsung Max to our mid-range devices as an exclusive and unique service that sets Samsung devices apart from the rest of the smartphone market", he added. When possible, it can even actively compress images, videos, music files, and webpages in your apps and browser.

Samsung users that are now using the third-party application, Opera Max, will receive an automatic upgrade to Samsung Max starting on 23 February.

Samsung's new app will help users save data.

Samsung plans to include Samsung Max on all Galaxy A and Galaxy J series smartphones to users in India, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The all-new Samsung Max app is available for download free of cost via Google Play Store.

"At Samsung, we've been committed to creating inclusive data saving and privacy protection services for all our devices", Seounghoon Oh, Vice President Samsung R&D Institute India said.

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