Best Memes of the Cleveland Cavaliers & LeBron James Trading Half the Team

Best Memes of the Cleveland Cavaliers & LeBron James Trading Half the Team

Best Memes of the Cleveland Cavaliers & LeBron James Trading Half the Team

The fact is that Kyrie Irving requested a trade because he didn't want to play with LeBron James anymore and he wanted to control his own destiny.

"I'm here for the long haul", James said.

It will be interesting to see if these trade rumors heat up as the February 8th National Basketball Association trade deadline draws near.

All it took was a massive makeover.

The Heat legend is returning to Miami in what is essentially a salary dump, with the Cavs receiving a second-round pick that appears to be so heavily protected that they will likely never see it.

Cleveland is just 7-13 since Christmas Day, and the club's slide has coincided with Thomas' comeback. "We needed this after that tough loss last night to Orlando", James continued. "And we didn't want to be a part of that".

The Cavaliers are making more than just a splash before the trade deadline - they're making a tsunami.

According to Pluto, Thomas' hip injury didn't help things. His defense was a concern, but shooting 36 percent from the field and critiquing coach Tyronn Lue caused a rift in the locker room.

Guard Isaiah Thomas and forward Channing Frye went to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for point guard Jordan Clarkson and forward Larry Nance Jr. More troubling to Altman was the sense that the Cavs were miserable, disconnected and on a self-destructive path.

"We've got some younger guys that will practice". Did it fit? Did it work? "I mean we're still going to make the playoffs".

It sent Utah's Rodney Hood and Sacramento's George Hill to Cleveland with Cavs players Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose moving to the Jazz.

Altman consulted with Wade and James about the move since their friendship is what led to them playing together in Cleveland this season.

Altman feels the trades will rejuvenate James. "I definitely wish all six guys, including D-Rose, the best". I don't know for what reason, but it's just part of the game."Both James and Lue said they learned of the massive trades Thursday as they were happening, but Altman said he'd consulted with both of them ahead of time".

He is one of the best players in the league, but when we see how the Spurs play well without him in the lineup, maybe it's time for a smart move by Gregg Popovich and their GM, R. C. Buford. So the Cavs turned their roster upside down in hopes of convincing James he doesn't have to go anywhere. Their on and off-court problems in the wake of a disappointing start to the season have been well documented, leading to speculation about what their plans for the trade deadline would include.

He doesn't have any doubts now. On Instagram, James said he will miss his brother.

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