Spice Girls Reuniting For US, UK Tour

Victoria Beckham reveals the moving reason she changed her mind about a Spice Girls reunion

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The report has not been confirmed by any former members of the group or Fuller, according to Billboard.

But TMZ is now reporting that a tour is on the horizon, set for "late summer", and being organized by the girl group's OG manager Simon Fuller (who was also at the big meeting last week). When asked if the Spice Girls would return for a tour together, she grinned and shrugged, keeping tight-lipped about the ladies' super-secret plans. "The future is looking spicy!" she captioned the shot. "Lovely seeing the girls #girlpower is alive and well", Halliwell wrote in the photo below.

The band also issued a statement following their meet-up, suggesting that they are planning something special for fans.

However, after all this time, we couldn't help but wonder why the girls finally made a decision to get back together.

We Spice Girls die-hard aficionados never thought this would happen.

"The time is now or never, to fit the missing piece To take this on together, you make me feel complete."

If you can think back to a time before the universe gave us Stormi Jenner then you might recall that last weekend everyone's favourite '90s girl band, the Spice Girls, shared a reunion snap that had everyone very excited. TMZ adds that plenty of "merchandising opportunities connected to the tour" AKA swag will be available, so start saving now. Melanie C similarly said she was over it, and that she wouldn't reunite if it wasn't the original five.

I really hope this is not a drill because the 12 year old version of me is sweating with excitement.

Mel has previously appeared on five seasons of the NBC reality competition and filming for auditions is set to begin in about five weeks.

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