Trump prepares for his first official State of the Union address

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President Donald Trump is scheduled to give his first State of the Union address on January 30th, 2018, to a joint session of Congress.

A typo on the tickets for President Donald Trump's State of the Union has caused a reprinting for the invitations before Tuesday's speech.

On Tuesday, preparations were underway for the State of the Union, according to a White House official, who said Trump rehearsed his speech's delivery in the Map Room.

The campaign's original pitch was $35, but a subsequent email from the Trump campaign provided a link for donors to contribute as little as $1 to have their name displayed during a livestream of President Trump's State of the Union address.

The White House is not responsible for the error.

In the NPR poll, 45 percent of Americans said the economy has improved under Trump, who inherited an upward economic trajectory from former President Barack Obama. Thematically, Trump is expected to speak of having built the foundation for a safer and stronger nation. Trump believes Democrats have boxed themselves in on the issue and are constrained by their liberal base, the sources said.

Wallace explained that Trump's proposals for immigration and infrastructure faced significant hurdles.

The state of the union is. Several Democratic lawmakers have said they will boycott the event.

Besides, some Democratic women who will attend are considering wearing black in support of the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment.

Trump's remarks will also address two topics he frequently discusses: fair and reciprocal trade, and ensuring America's safety by "returning to clarity about our friends and adversaries", the official said. Usually, around six months to a year after a major piece of legislation.

Moore said Trump largely focused on the economic successes of his presidency, particularly the benefits of the GOP tax bill, including the bonuses that companies have extended to employees as a result.

"We're going to get something done, we hope bipartisan", Trump told reporters Monday, before giving his speech a practice run-through in the White House map room. "It's a big speech, an important speech, we covered immigration", Trump said.

First lady Melania Trump will face extra scrutiny this year - and not just because of the former model's fashionable couture.

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