Engler To Be Interim MSU President

MSU men's basketball coach Tom Izzo addresses the media after Wednesday night's win over Penn State

MSU men's basketball coach Tom Izzo addresses the media after Wednesday night's win over Penn State. Credit Al Martin WKAR

Moments after the board vote, Connor Betsy, an MSU senior from Warren, jumped on a table in the board room to protest making Engler the interim president. "My encounters with this woman were more than just a single occasion, and my actions with her were always consensual", Walton said.

He was appointed to fill the vacancy left by the school's president, who resigned amid accusations that the school mishandled sexual assault allegations against former sports doctor Larry Nassar. Athletic director Mark Hollis resigned Friday morning. Engler took that paper, recruited another agricultural economics major to run his campaign and won at age 21. Last week, MSU trustee Joel Ferguson apologized after he tried to downplay the abuse case by saying there "are so many more things going on at the university than just this Nassar thing".

If Engler is the pick of the Board of Trustees, his job in crisis management may be more hard than three terms as Michigan Governor. We thank you for your critical role in bringing him to face the justice that he deserves. However, part of his credentials was a decades-long stint with Michigan State University, which prompted the public to urge officials to investigate the state institution. The future integrity of Michigan State rests heavily on the caliber of leader who will guide the university through what are sure to be trying times ahead.

The board will conduct a national search for the school's next president, trustees announced last week.

Murray told board members he wasn't interested, sources said. The university faced public outrage for what many perceived as a lack of empathy and an unwillingness to aggressively investigate complaints, but at a board meeting last week, trustees apologized, some struggling to speak through tears.

That would allow Gov. Rick Snyder to appoint an interim board to serve until elections can be held. "They seem to have selected, without appropriate consultation from the MSU community, an individual with no academic leadership experience as an interim president".

Schuette, who is now running for governor of MI, held a press conference during the weekend in Lansing to confirm that his office had already started an investigation on the institution over the sexual abuse claims.

That's according to our media partners at MLive who reported five faculty members of the university's steering committee issued a letter yesterday.

McCabe said they would call for a no-confidence vote in the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees voted Wednesday to choose former Gov. John Engler as interim Michigan State University president in a bid to steady the school after the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal.

The Attorney General said: "It is abundantly clear that a full and complete investigation of what happened at Michigan State University from the president's office down, is required".

Schuette said that holding this sentencing hearing in Eaton County will "ensure that every voice of every survivor" is heard.

Nassar was also the former national team doctor for USA Gymnastics, treating numerous country's top female gymnasts. He has said his investigation will be independent, transparent and prompt.

"This will be done right".

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