Federal government shutdown impacting CDC

Flu shots are always a good option to avoid the flu

Flu shots are always a good option to avoid the flu

The U.S.is in the midst of a severe flu season, and CDC's tracking data shows flu cases are still increasing across the country. This season has been particularly bad: In its latest report on Friday, the CDC said that in the week ending January 13, the virus had killed 10 children, bringing the total number of kids' deaths for the season to 30. They get these numbers from doctors' offices, which enter the number of people with a high fever, aches and pains, and other flu symptoms that came into their office on a weekly basis. We're farther in this time.

"Molina monitors influenza through our internal prescription data". Influenza can further agitate already existing chronic conditions, particularly among older adults, and can lead to death. And L.A. Care has ramped up its member outreach efforts to encourage vaccinations. In New York, state officials say a drastic rise in flu cases hospitalized more than 1,600 this past week.

The influenza vaccine is typically more effective against influenza B, which typically occurs later in the flu season toward spring - reiterating how important it is to get vaccinated.

"This is definitely more severe than past years", said Dr. Matthew White, medical director of emergency services at OhioHealth Marion General Hospital, pointing to the rising number of flu-related hospital admissions and the severity of the flu symptoms themselves. In fact, Kaiser Permanente facilities in Northern California reported a 4.6 percent increase in hospitalizations due to influenza and pneumonia last week [i.e., the week of December 4], compared to the week before.

According to the state Department of Health, influenza cases rose by 54 percent and new cases were diagnosed in all counties over the past week. Over the last five seasons, the average was 2 percent for the same week in each year.

"The last shutdown, it was in October, which wasn't the height of flu season", explained the employee". "And the end of the flu season is still several months away". There is no authorization or approval process required. The flu vaccine is less effective against H3 viruses, which tend to cause more serious flu cases than other strains.

AIS Health: Are your members getting vaccinated?

AIS Health: Has your health plan's influenza strategy evolved over the years in terms of outreach to members, etc.? As a result, flu season usually strikes later than in other regions.

Information [about flu shots] is included in the fall editions of the member newsletter, and providers are also educated on the importance of the flu vaccine in the fall edition of [their] newsletter. The CDC uses the information he collects to determine flu activity week to week.

Local, county, and state health departments do a lot of flu monitoring, and patients aren't treated by the federal government, noted Arthur Reingold, an epidemiologist at the University of California, Berkeley.

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