Trump's first year hampered by high staff turnover

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Donald Trump “I Am The Least Racist Person…That I Can Tell You.”

However, a recent Gallup Poll within the United States showed Trump receiving only a 38 percent approval rating. In Asia, it dropped to 30 percent, matching the previous low during the Bush administration. The new figures mark the first time since 2007 that more global residents disapproved of US leadership than approved of it (the figures were equivalent in 2008, each at 34 percent). Seventy-eight percent of Republicans said they approve of Trump's job performance, but the president failed to clear 50 percent with any other demographic group.

Approval ratings plummeted 40 points or more, for example, in Canada, Norway, Belgium and Portugal, a sharp reversal from 2016, when majorities in each of these countries approved of US leadership.

Noted the polltakers, "With its stable approval rating of 41 percent, Germany has replaced the the top-rated global power in the world".

Of all the countries surveyed, approval of US leadership has declined by 10 percentage points or more in 65 countries, including some longtime USA allies.

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was removed from her post after she instructed government law officers not to defend the presidential order that put restrictions on people from seven Muslim-majority countries travelling to the U.S. Mr. Trump called Ms. Yates as "an Obama A.G", hours before sacking her.

The reputation of USA leadership shines brightest in Africa, where the rating stands at 51 percent. Japan, South Korea and the Philippines also saw double-digit declines. Trump's approval rating has remained consistently locked in around 37 percent - plus or minus depending on which way the wind is blowing - for the last nine months, according to weekly numbers from Gallup.

Since Trump took office last January, one-third of his close aides have resigned or been dismissed.

"In doing so, he walked away from key institutions and alliances in 2017 that he felt didn't serve U.S. interests, including abandoning the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal and withdrawing from the global climate agreement". He has also threatened to back out of an agreement that prohibits Iranian nuclear weapon development and the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico.

Recent surveys show most Americans view Trump as a divisive figure and even question his fitness for office. However, there were some who didn't take Trump's announcement seriously.

By comparison, in Obama's a year ago in office the United States led Germany by seven points, China by 17 points and Russian Federation by 22 points, according to Gallup.

Jackson said he will work with Trump to exercise more over the coming year, to eat better and lose between 10 and 15 pounds.

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