Federal Government Shutdown possible if spending bill not passed

Christopher Hopkins Christopher Hopkins

Christopher Hopkins Christopher Hopkins

However, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) director Mick Mulvaney said on Wednesday that a shutdown under the Trump administration "would look very different than it would under the previous administration", adding that national monuments would remain open.

But there is a risk that the troops may not be paid during a shutdown, while many civilian employees at the Department of Defense employees will not work.

While Congress has just under two days to avoid this fate, the negotiations over a funding bill are. That's among the highest number of federal employees in the nation.

Unless Congress reaches a last-minute deal, the federal government will enter into a partial shutdown at midnight, causing widespread adjustments for a slew of government programs. The list of essential departments and workers includes the Transportation Security Administration, which continued to screen baggage; the U.S. Postal Service, which continued delivering mail; air traffic controllers; emergency and disaster relief officials; border patrol agents, and most other law enforcement officials.

Military exchanges will remain open during a shutdown thanks to the way they are funded.

Without workers, national parks will be closed along with various government offices, programs, and activities.

These closures have serious consequences. During the 1996 shutdown, as many as 10,000 possible Medicare recipients were turned away every day. These inspections are done for " sites that included hazardous waste, drinking water, and chemical facilities".

Will I still get my Social Security benefits? This time, it will have a greater impact for millions of people expecting a tax refund. Other activities that may stop if the shutdown lasts more than a few days include the processing of applications for passports and visas; new enrollments in experimental treatments under the National Institutes for Health; and the maintenance of US government websites, including ones used by businesses and researchers.

"Federal employees are hardworking public servants who are dedicated to providing quality public services". Because of lack of funding, federally-run operations will be forced to close and federal employees, unless considered "essential" won't be allowed to work. The White House gave Congress until March 5 to pass a "DACA fix".

January 19, 2018 -Congress has until midnight to pass a budget or risk a government shutdown.

Since the budget process was overhauled in 1974, there.

In the event of a shutdown this week, you should contact your clinic or hospital to find out more about your scheduled care. It lasted for 16 days, until Congress passed a spending bill that ended the shutdown. The most recent occurred in October of 2013.

One thing that is unique to this shutdown fight, however, is the party control of Congress and the White House. "This legislation sends a clear signal to our federal workers that they will not be harmed in the unfortunate event of a shutdown".

The government has shuttered its doors for non-essential business 18 times since 1976 and the stock market never suffered a big drop despite all the political drama. On Wednesday, Mulvaney said it has not yet been determined whether these employees would be furloughed during a potential shutdown.

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