Find your portrait painting doppelgänger

Using Google's Arts & Culture app art critic Sebastian Smee gets a 64 percent match with a portrait attributed to Nicolaas Pieneman in Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum

A Google App Finds Your Museum Doppelgänger

The trend of trying to find your look-alike portrait, launched by the Google Arts & Culture app, has become a frenzy on social media, but two states don't have access: IL and Texas.

The Google Arts and Culture experimental interactive app, which is actually about a year old, recently went viral after people discovered a new feature that lets them find their look-a-likes from museums all over the world.

Additionally, the app allows you to to explore the history of the paintings and information on the artists.

Google confirmed to CNN Tech that the face-matching tool is not available in IL and Texas, but declined to comment on why.

The software incorporates state of the art artificial intelligence and facial recognition algorithms that enable it to analyze the patterns in your face and compare these patterns with real paintings and photos from around the globe.

Several reports indicate that users in IL and Texas are blocked from the feature. Google hasn't said anything officially, but it's most likely due to the strict biometric privacy laws here, that protect the use of your facial, fingerprint, and iris scans without your consent. "But some apps can restrict content based on a user's IP address", CNN reported. Google Arts & Culture tweeted that it is trying to improve and expand the app, so there may be hope for Texas after all.

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