David Harbour Will Officiate a STRANGER THINGS Fan's Wedding on 3 Conditions

David Harbour from promises to be at fan's wedding, if he gets 125000 retweets

'Stranger Things' star takes hilarious senior pictures with fan under 3 conditions

Then, this week, a fan took to Twitter to ask Harbour what it would take for him to "be the Officiant at my wedding in September".

As of this writing the original tweet only has 56,000 retweets, so go help Ericka out so we can get another incredible episode of Harbour doing something awesome for a fan.

"Voted most likely to hijack someone's high school senior photos 24 years later". (And it's not like he's asking for the whole cake!) And considering most readings at weddings are instantly forgettable, we'd rather see what he can come up with by way of a "love letter" of his choosing.

As Fregoso scrolls through the 199 photos, she's reminded of the tweet from October that started it all.

While people are usually thankful their senior pictures are hidden away, one teen has been happily sharing hers after a star from the hit Netflix show "Stranger Things" posed with her. 'I could not control my shaking. Bravo to the actor for being willing to reach out and touch the lives of his fans. "I don't think it's gotten to the point where you're becoming social media famous", she said.

Fregoso said she hopes the photos with Harbour can lead to more opportunities, but for now, the Orestimba High basketball player is glad she sent that tweet. "I'm still normal me, you know?" David Harbour plays Police Chief Jim Hopper in the sci-fi show and a student known on Twitter, only as Damaris from the town of Newman, is apparently a big fan.

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