WhatsApp testing new feature to identify, mark spam messages

WhatsApp is working on an update to prevent spam messages

WhatsApp is working on an update to prevent spam messages

Spam messages are those which a user sends in bulk to its list of contacts. Presently, WhatsApp allows users to send messages 25 times. You can also report the user as Spam from here.

The twitter account further adds that the feature will be developed for both iOS and Android users.

The Facebook-owned messaging app has lately piloted new features that visibly grant more power to group chat admins.

With the new feature, WhatsApp will identify such forwarded messages which are shared multiple times and inform the user about it, WABeta Info reports. According to WaBetaInfo the developers mistakenly enabled the feature.

This can come in handy in group chats which can get a bit crowded with messages, so being able to jump to messages that directly pertain to you can come in handy. The current version of Whatsapp is already equipped with a similar message where you can mark a person as spam.

Of late, the entire team has been investing a lot of their effort into removing spam from their app so that more users could benefit from its features rather than having to be spammed by too many people at once.

As you can see in the screenshot above, when you are mentioned in a group chat and when you open that chat, there will be a numbered notification that will show depending on how many times you have been mentioned.

Given that a lot of times we share or reshare certain messages across groups which we find interesting (not necessarily spam or false news), it is unclear how WhatsApp will manage these settings. Spammers can not use Broadcast Lists feature because the spammer's number won't be in their recipient's contact list and thus they will not be able to receive the message. It also gives a larger message among its users that WhatsApp is serious about tackling fraudsters from sending out fake emails, photos and videos in order to steal highly sensitive banking and personal information. However, there are a couple of instances where they won't realize the message they just got was spam, especially if it's one of those messages which tells them WhatsApp is going to charge money soon.

We recommend to always report the contact when you receive spam messages.

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