Sony reveals news on upcoming PlayStation 5.50 release

PS4 Beta Test

Sign-up for the PS4 system update 5.50 Beta

Sony recently opened the signups for the beta and called on PS4 owners to help them test the new software before it goes live for all uses.

In a post over on the PlayStation Blog, Sony merely announces the incoming update and the chance for prospective testers to state their interest in the beta, but aside from that, it doesn't divulge a whole lot of information.

The tech giant have released their first plans for a new PS4 update, which will need a new hoard of beta testers to put it through its paces.

The beta test is available in the following region along with the link to the sign-up for them.

If you're part of the program, you'll receive an email with instructions on downloading the beta version of the next system software. In addition to being the appropriate age, beta testers will be required to have a PS4 system with an internet connection and SEN account.

We'll be back soon with an update on the features you can expect in the beta. And remember - you can roll back to the previous system software at any time.

In a follow-up tweet, Greenberg confirmed that the Xbox One outsold PS4 in North America for the month of December. Doing so will reward you with an exclusive PSN avatar.

Additionally, starting with this beta, you can choose to be added to future betas automatically without the hassle of having to register again. The company is yet to confirm what new features are included in this update.

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