Nissan Xmotion Concept blends Japanese culture & American utility

Nissan's new Xmotion Concept looks to the future

Nissan Xmotion Concept “Signals Design Direction for 2020 and Beyond”

Nissan hints at future design language with new mid-size SUV concept.

Nissan unveiled the Nissan Xmotion concept vehicle at the 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

Most of this stuff won't make it into any production Nissans in the near future, but the concept gives us a look at where the brand may be heading.

"The exterior's combination of western and eastern concepts continues inside the Xmotion, where advanced connectivity and autonomous technologies mix with modern Japanese digital art and cultural craftsmanship". The headrest design on the seats also was inspired by kumiko woodwork, the company says.

Inside, Nissan says it has used traditional construction techniques and materials with a modern design aesthetic, evidenced by the wooden centre console extending through to the rear of the auto and using the traditional wood joinery technique of kanawa-tsugi.

Nissan says the interior was created with the imagery of a river on the floor while the center console acts as a bridge.

The Xmotion concept's instrument panel design is a modern interpretation of traditional kigumi wood joinery.

Nissan's new Xmotion Concept looks to the future
Nissan Xmotion SUV pairs Japanese crafts and a virtual fish

Inside Nissan has used wood veneer throughout, along with suede and carbon-fibre weave material.

Japanese cedar is also used on the lower half of the dashboard with the top half featuring a cockpit-spanning multimedia and instrument cluster screen, while the centre console uses a tablet screen in place of buttons and a gear lever.

There are seven digital screen portions and a "digital room mirror" in the ceiling and center console display.

Fingerprint authentication is used to start the vehicle, after which a virtual personal assistant in the shape of a koi fish appears. In autonomous mode, the virtual personal assistant will assimilate "browsing" information about points of interest en route.

Other features of the exterior include wheels pushed to corners and 21-in. aluminum-alloy wheels and tires fused together, a process Nissan co-developed with Michelin.

Michael Bunce, senior vice president-product planning for Nissan North America, recently told WardsAuto Nissan was "very, very closely" looking at re-entering the off-road utility segment, based on research showing Millennial males want to step away from technology and connect with nature. For the second straight year, the Rogue CUV was Nissan's No.1-selling model, delivering 403,465 units in 2017, a 22.3% increase from 2016.

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