Google Is About to Build Its Own Undersea Internet Cables

Google building three new under-sea cables though it would 'prefer not to'

Google Plans to Expand Huge Undersea Cables to Boost Cloud Business

Google noted that it has spent $30 billion to improve its infrastructure over three years. Google is also working with RTI-C and NEC on the Hong Kong-Guam cable system, and said that as a result customers will experience improved capacity and latency from Australia to major hubs in Asia.

Google's cloud regions and zones as of January 2018.

In an effort to expand its cloud business and compete more effectively with rival Microsoft and Amazon, Google will build three new underwater fiber optic cables from the Pacific Ocean to the North Sea over the course of the next two years, according to The Wall Street Journal. When completed, the 6,000-mile cable offered speeds of 60Tbps. Curie, named after the scientist Marie Curie, will be Google's own private cable, while Havfrue, which is Danish for "mermaid, and HK-G are consortium cables the company is building alongside others".

"Our cable systems provide the speed, capacity and reliability Google is known for worldwide, and at Google Cloud, our customers are able to make use of the same network infrastructure that powers Google's own services".

Today it announced three new undersea cables scheduled to go online next year.

Curie will be the first subsea cable to land in Chile in nearly 20 years. Google says that its network delivers up to 25 percent of the world's internet traffic.

The second cable, called the Havfrue (Danish for "mermaid") cable will run from the east coast of the U.S. to Denmark and come online at the end of next year.

"Since we control the design and construction process, we can fully define the cable's technical specifications, streamline deployment, and deliver service to users and customers faster". Amazon and Microsoft have also investing in a mix of undersea cables and data centers to boost availability and reduce lag time for their cloud services.

"With Google Cloud, we have access to the world's largest network, which helps us reach our infrastructure goals and best serve our millions of users".

These three cables will take Google's direct investments up to 11 cables, with the others including: Indigo, PLCN, Tannat, Junior, Monet, FASTER, SJC and UNITY.

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