Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition gets 6 March release

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Box Art

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Box Art

The trailer for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition shows off numerous graphical upgrades, which come with very serious names like NVIDIA HairWorks and NVIDIA Ansel.

You can enjoy all the screenshots in the gallery below below.

For more on everything we know about Final Fantasy XV, from its first-person mode to graphical upgrades, check out our guide.

The best feature is the "Royal Vessel" which is a boat that you can now control in your own free time.

The content will also be made available for existing owners of Final Fantasy XV, by way of a $20 additional purchase. The publisher has detailed all of the new content coming to the Royal Edition of Final Fantasy XV in a new trailer.

The plus side of this for PC players is that we get everything included in the Royal Edition (the season pass content, a new-ish vehicle, and new bosses) and then some, given the increased power of a PC.

A fully-controllable Royal Vessel boat, expanding the world of Eos and allowing players to explore the area between Cape Caem and Altissia.

There's also new bosses, new gear, and other smaller pieces of DLC like auto skins; as well as an upgrade for Noctis's Armiger limit break.

Why, you ask, should you double dip if you've already played the game when it was originally released back in 2016? You can look forward to all the bells and whistles Nvidia Gameworks brings (look at that grass), as well as 4K textures, improved shadow mapping and more. But both games are set to launch soon, with the Royal Edition and the PC version aiming for a March 6th release.

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