University of Rochester professor at center of sexual misconduct complaint apologizes

Man holds sign reading'Jaeger is a symptom at a rally at Rochester University in Sept. 2017

University Of Rochester President Resigns After Sexual Harassment Accusations

"It has been the greatest honor of my life to have served the University of Rochester for the last twelve and a half years", Seligman said in a message to the University community. (University of Rochester via The New York Times) - NO SALES; FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY WITH NY UNIV PRESIDENT BY VIVIAN WANG FOR JAN. 11, 2018.

The western NY university's board of trustees appointed White and her committee after a group of faculty members and a graduate student filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, saying the university had mishandled its investigation of Jaeger and retaliated against them for reporting his behavior in 2016.

Wegman cited a list of Seligman's leadership accomplishments, including the completion of the University largest capital campaign, the establishment of 112 new endowed professorships, a 40 percent increase in student enrollment, an increase in student achievement scores, diversity, and global enrollment, the construction of almost 30 major new facilities, and others.

Jaeger's statement followed a special committee's report Thursday supporting the university's finding that Jaeger had not violated policy or law, while calling his behavior - including intimate relationships with students - unprofessional and offensive.

The University Of Rochester's president, T. Florian Jaeger, has announced retirement next month after several sexual misconduct accusations and being labeled as a "sexual predator".

According to reports, Seligman resigned before reading the results of the investigation.

"We have systematically promoted the complainants, we have supported them in receiving awards, we have given them pay increases".

The report recommends a series of policy changes for Rochester, including moving to prohibit all student-faculty relationships within departments - changes that investigators said would put the institution ahead of its peers on that issue.

Lattimore Hall at the River Campus of the University of Rochester.

. The report brought no closure or justice, she said.

The complainants, at a news conference, called the report incomplete and said their legal fight would continue. Seligman's departure is only further "confirmation that our actions were justified", he said. Not long after, Seligman compared the professors' complaint to the infamous Rolling Stone account of a gang rape on a college campus, which was published pseudonymously and later discredited. But the report itself was unsatisfying, he said, as Jaeger was found not to have harassed women to a "pervasive" or "severe" degree, even though multiple women testified about harassment.

White's 213-page final report, now available online, largely vindicates the university's initial 2016 investigation, concluding that it had acted in "good faith, impartially, professionally", and in accordance with its own policies.

Pollak also said he felt that White missed the point in saying that professors involved in the federal complaints were not retaliated against because their careers progressed.

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