Trump says United States could 'go back in' to Paris climate agreement

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Trump says US could 'go back in' to Paris climate agreement

The process of leaving is long and complex, and Trump's comments will renew questions about whether he actually intends to withdraw or simply wants easier United States emissions targets. "In November we started delivering the first F-52s and F-35 fighter jets", Trump said during a press conference with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Trump pledged on the campaign trail to withdraw from the accord, which former President Barack Obama and the leaders of 194 other countries signed in 2015.

Last September, the United States was present as an observer when environment ministers from about 30 countries discussed key issues relating to the Paris agreement in Montreal, Canada. While the NDC legally remains in place until 2019, the Trump administration has already stopped implementation, and on June 1, 2017, announced that the USA would pull out of the Paris agreement unless it could identify suitable terms for re-engagement. It put great penalties on us. "It took away a lot of our asset values", President Trump said. However, he added: "So we could conceivably go back in".

In the end, should we believe Donald Trump actually believes the United States "could conceivably go back" to the Paris Climate Agreement? No. "We are very strong on the environment". Norway's strict regulations to reach its Paris targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% below 1990 by 2030 has spurred the use of "environmental friendly and climate friendly technologies".

He also said during the presidential election campaign that he wanted to help United States oil and coal industries.It was not clear from his comments on Wednesday whether he has embarked on any attempt to renegotiate America's terms.

"Norway is a great customer, and a great ally and a great friend", Trump told Solberg.

"The Paris accord really would have taken away our competitive edge, and we're not going to let that happen", he said.Mr Trump has claimed in the past that the agreement would cost the USA $3tn in lost GDP and 6.5 million jobs - while rival economies like China and India were treated more favourably.

She did note that green policies can lead to business opportunities, and noted that the USA company Tesla was selling many electric cars in Norway.

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