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Dark Souls Remastered

Nintendo Direct 1.11.18 – DARK SOULS ON THE SWITCH!!!

Say what you will about Wii U ports on the Switch, but it's definitely bringing critically acclaimed titles to a much larger audience. Wave 1 will be on January 31 and will bring the new battle character Aegislash along with the support set Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu. On March 23, wave 2 will include Blastoise as a battle Pokemon and Mew and Celebi as support Pokemon.

DK will be included in a new story set in a new world, and will be exclusive to that new content. DK's content comes included as part of the Season Pass for anyone who owns it, or will be able to be purchased separately. Right now, in their Eshop, there are two free demos you can try: Kirby Battle Royale on 3DS and Dragon Quest Builders on Switch. Payday 2 will also feature a new character, Joy, who is said to use their hacking abilities to make things easier for the team. Another flagship character will land on Switch later this year, with Kirby Star Allies due to launch on March 16th. When docked the game runs at 1080p at 60FPS, and new outfits based on Breath of the Wild are added for Link and Zelda. It'll be smashing down with split screen multiplayer in Spring 2018. Porting Super Smash Bros. for Wii U over to the Switch would be a "best of both worlds" solution that gets the franchise on Nintendo's newest console while saving the team behind the series the trouble of creating an entirely new game.

SNK Heroines is scheduled for a Summer 2018 release on Switch and PS4. The game is developed by Camelot. After completing the game you will need to find Luigi in the world to play Hide It mode where you can hide a balloon and then find another player's world.

The game adds a new story mode where you can fight bosses. New perks, modes, and ways of plays are coming to the Nintendo Switch on February 27.

More information on Mario Tennis Aces will be coming soon, such as a concrete release date. The newest DLC will include a new story mode that finally includes Donkey Kong properly into the story. The DLC will be available this Spring.

Kirby Star Allies was announced back at E3. Another platformer, Matt Makes Games' Celeste, will let you climb unsafe mountains on February 27.

EA announced that Fe will be released on Nintendo Switch on February 16.

While exact NPD numbers aren't available quite yet, we now know that the Xbox One outsold the PlayStation 4 in December 2017.

A Fire Emblem game is expected to arrive on the Switch in 2018. In the game, players will guide Madeline as she climbs any and all surfaces possible as she ascends Celeste Mountain if she has the stamina possible.

Aside from these two headliners, my favorite announcement of the Nintendo Direct Mini was the arrival of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze to the Switch.

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