Student guilty of sexual interference would be escorted off campus

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"The matter in British Columbia occurred before Mr. Neurauter was a student at the University of Calgary". Instead, he'll be able to serve the sentence intermittently, the CBC reported.

Connor Neurauter, originally from Kamloops, B.C., pleaded guilty last week to sexual interference in an incident that took place before he was a student at the university.

During his sentencing, the court heard how he had solicited nude photos from the girl after the two began a brief sexual relationship that did not involve intercourse.

She says several adjournments and delays were granted to accommodate Neurauter's hockey and school schedules.

He told her that if she did not keep the relationship a secret, he would send her nude photos to her family.

He was sentenced to 90 days in jail but was allowed to finish his second-year courses this semester before checking into a regional correctional facility in Kamloops. Their excuse is that they have "no grounds" to expel the student - who is, if they missed it, a child sexual abuser.

University provost Dru Marshall says safety concerns for students and Neurauter prompted the school to "advise" him not to return to campus this semester.

"This is important, because our policies do not apply to activity that occurred before the person was a member of our campus community".

When asked what would happen if he were to attempt to return to the university although being advised not to, Marshall said, "If he was to show up on campus, campus security will escort him off campus".

"While the courts have seemingly failed the victim, the University of Calgary now has the opportunity to help change the narrative of this story", wrote Kaitlyn Casswell, who started the petition.

"The lack of significant consequences faced by Neurauter and other sexual predators demonstrates the dismissive attitude that society shows toward sexual violence and abuse", the club said in a statement. I was hoping for more.

Neurauter's mother told CTV Calgary she's concerned for her son's safety as he awaits his sentence. "He should just go to jail". She said there have been many cases where a perpetrator's athletic or academic prospects have factored too heavily into their punishment.

Connor's father, Chris Neurauter, however, disagrees.

Neurauter's parents encouraged their son to take the plea bargain that included the delayed sentence, Susan Neurauter said, but added that she regrets it now that she's seen the reaction.

"He's very upset. He's trying to deal with it and work through it. And if there is, then there's a pretty high responsibility on the school to do something that would minimize that risk for everyone", he said.

"He's very remorseful ... he's learned his lesson", said Neurauter.

"I find it confusing that they have told him to stay off campus, but have not outright condemned his actions", she said.

"There were a number of safety concerns that we took into account in our decision", she said Friday."We know that victims of sexual violence ... may have been triggered by this incident and we were also anxious about his safety, given some of the commentary on social media".

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