Samsung Aquabolt 8GB HBM2 2.4Gbps chips are go

Samsung announces world's fastest 8GB HBM2 design

Samsung starts producing next-gen HBM2 dubbed Aquabolt

Jaesoo Han, executive vice president, Memory Sales & Marketing team at Samsung Electronics explains: "With our production of the first 2.4Gbps 8GB HBM2, we are further strengthening our technology leadership and market competitiveness". Four of these Aquabolt HBM2 memory controllers when stacked are able to churn out an eye opening data transmission speed of 1.2TBps.

Aquabolt features a 2.4 Gbps pin speed at 1.2V which is an upgrade of nearly 50% per package over the first generation HBM2 packages which were capable of 1.6 Gbps pin speed at 1.2V and 2.0Gbps at 1.35V.

In addition, Samsung Electronics has started supplying the Aquabolt to global IT companies and it will strengthen its partnership with supercomputer manufacturers, AI solution developers and graphics firms in the future.

Asserting Samsung's new found dominance and position in the fast-paced DRAM market with its first generation "Flarebolt" HBM2 already being used in many current and upcoming AMD graphics cards has resulted in Samsung overtaking Intel's top position in semiconductor revenue after over 24 years.

The 8GB Samsung Aquabolt HBM2 will also provide a massive 307 Gbps bandwidth, allowing it to achieve over 9.6 times the data transfer of its 8GB GDDR5 counterpart.

To achieve Aquabolt's unprecedented performance, Samsung has applied new technologies related to TSV design and thermal control. A single 8 GB HBM2 package is made using eight vertically interconnected 8 Gb HBM2 dies. In the research department, Samsung says it'll continue to rapidly advance its memory technology in conjunction with leading OEMs throughout a range of fields including supercomputing, artificial intelligence, and graphics processing.

An official from Samsung Electronics said, "With the latest mass production, Samsung Electronics is the only company in the industry that supplies the HBM2 DRAM chip".

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