LG's take on the Google Assistant-powered smart display is pretty boring

Apple Has Just Lost the Smart Assistant War to Amazon

LG's take on the Google Assistant-powered smart display is pretty boring

The Google Assistant is a new voice activated system that isn't limited to just one device-the assistant can come in the form of speakers, android powered TVs, headphones, and cars, to name a few.

The company is reportedly working on a redesigned Google Store with Assistant-powered devices at the heart of its online platform, reports Bloomberg.

Whether the first 4K projector with Alexa or an entirely new family of smart display products housing Google Assistant, CES 2018 served as a showcase for voice assistants. The search giant had large plans for its Google Assistant at CES this year, however, they still seemed to be outshined by Amazon's own voice assistant. Instead of being reliant exclusively on Echo speakers, Amazon wants as many outside devices to have built-in microphones to access Alexa as possible. That would apparently put the Google Assistant at the heart of a smart home ecosystem, illustrating its close ties and integrations with other hardware from under the Alphabet umbrella like Nest thermostats and the Chromecast streaming adapter.

With Smart Display, you will be able to explore more of Google services like YouTube to watch videos and Google Duo to make video calls through the display using your Gmail account.

Huffman explained that the incoming smart displays will have the smart assistant built in. The 8-inch model is priced at $199 while the 10-inch will retail at $249 when it goes on sale in early summer.

And both Alexa and Assistant are finding their way into cars; numerous auto makers this week announced voice assistant integration for their 2018 and 2019 models.

Android Things is still in Developer Preview with a "Long Term Support" release coming this year.

If that wasn't enough, Google Assistant will also live inside your auto. From tracking your baby's help to keeping track of your cryptocurrency assets, the Assistant does so much more than merely telling the weather, which is 95% of users' favorite party trick. Though Google released a cheaper version of its smart speaker, the Google Home Mini, late past year, Amazon's aggressive promotions of the discounted Echo Dot are believed to have made it the holiday sales victor.

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