KUWTK: Kim Kardashian lashes out at Rob's nude Chyna snaps

Kim Kardashian Blasts Brother Rob Over Revenge Fight With Chyna

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Last July saw their latest and most dramatic breakup, with Rob posting explicit photos of Chyna to Instagram during a rant that got his account removed. "Let's focus on the positive", Khloe responds. But the two sisters believe that it's not right for Rob Kardashian to post nude snaps of his baby mama online during their fight a year ago, with Kim Kardashian saying that their brother should "know better" than to expose Chyna as he has sisters.

However, Kim is now taking Blac Chyna's side and declaring that Rob "should have known better" than to expose his ex-girlfriend like that, as he has sisters and should have thought about the impact that would have if a dude did that to them.

Holding her brother accountable, Kim replied, "The negative is just that like as Rob having sisters, he should just know better".

Khloe then added to that.

Dream is Rob's daughter by his 29-year-old ex-fiancée Blac Chyna, who also has a five-year-old son called King Cairo by the rapper Tyga, 27. Love makes you do f***ed up things.

[MUSIC] People think you just post and it's so easy, it's not. "You don't f-k with someone's heart and emotions". They settled their custody agreement two months later.

As for the legal battle, Khloe admits that she is scared the tension between the exes might be "escalating to a place that none of us could've ever imagined". In November 2016 she welcomed Dream.

The two have been working out the details of their custody and financial settlement.it has been claimed.

During a clip of the January 14 episode released online, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian are seen discussing their brother's recent actions.

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