Google Duo Users can Make Calls to Smartphone Without Duo Installed

Google Duo lets you make calls to contacts who don't even have the app installed

Google Duo now lets you call people who don't even have the app installed

Reportedly, the Duo app will now allow users to make video or audio calls to the recipients who don't even have Duo installed on their device. After the call ends, they would see a pop up to install the app. The call receivers can toy with many add-on options besides answering the calls, such as changing camera angles, muting the microphone and so on. Until now, one of the major requirements for it other than a working internet connection (obviously!) is to be using the same app or software to make the call. A user on Reddit recently spotted that his handset was showing to make a Duo call to a Nexus 6P device, even though the device did not have Duo app installed on it. Users further said that it was possible to make a call to the Nexus 6P handset. This also works with audio-only calls.

And in case a user hits a button to navigate away while the Duo call is connected, similar to how a full-fledged app functionality would allow you, it will show you a persistent notification icon that can bring the call back into view, at any point. It is powered by Google's Play App Preview Messaging. When the video chat is over. It works nearly exactly like a normal Duo call, including the Knock-Knock feature. It enables an app to operate as a part of Android, even if it is not directly installed by the user.

What's more, they can also block a caller from contacting them again.

It's clever way for Google push its app. Google has been making the feature available to developers through an early access preview program with the promise of opening it up to all developers of messaging apps at a later date. However, Google has been up to something brilliant and is now destroying that barrier with a newly added capability to its Google Duo app.

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