Diet Coke Coming Out With New Flavors this Month

Diet Coke hopes a sleek rebrand and some new flavours can reignite sluggish sales

What's Happening to Diet Coke

Diet Coke has been rebranded and given a new can design, which follows the drink suffering a drop in sales in the past year. Don't panic because the Diet Coke you know and love isn't going anywhere.

Acevedo said Diet Coke and its new flavors complement the brand's no-calorie cousin, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

The Atlanta-based company said the taste of the plain Diet Coke would stay the same.

On-trend bold botanical, fruit and spice flavors like mango, lime, ginger and blood orange, are the key components of new-look Diet Coke as the iconic brand goes through a transformation which also includes sleek new packaging.

The new flavors and cans (which join existing packaging sizes/formats for the brand) will be in U.S stores by the end of this month and in Canadian stores next month. We're modernising what has made Diet Coke so special for a new generation.

Simon Thorneycroft, founder and CEO at design agency Perspective Branding also appreciated the "clean" new look, but was not blown away by the design - the result of a two year innovation process. According to Ad Age, Diet Coke's tested over 30 potential flavor combinations, including spicy peppermint, lemon lavender tea, mojito, chili lime, and watermelon jalapeno.

There's a reason why the beverage company is so quick to reassure customers that Diet Coke's recipe will remain unchanged.

Are you excited to try the new Diet Coke flavors?

In addition to regular Diet Coke's now offered sizes and packages, the new flavors will be offered in a tall and slim 12-ounce can and in packs of eight.

We haven't tried the flavors out ourselves yet, but Rafael Acevedo, Coca-Cola North America's group director for Diet Coke, told BuzzFeed News that drinkers can expect the new flavors to be bolder and more flavorful than the original.

"This visual evolution elevates the brand to a more contemporary space, while still using at its foundation the recognisable core brand visual assets", says Sommerville.

Bored of the same old Coke taste? A slightly refined typography aims to simultaneously preserve Diet Coke's heritage, yet present it in a more progressive manner. The new design retains the silver can with red lettering but makes everything vertical with the name written out across a stripe that runs from top to bottom. In contrast, the Diet Coke revamp is focused on personality and differentiation, not formula. The company said Diet Coke saw sales fall by a "mid single-digit percentage" in its third quarter of 2017. "We're building a portfolio for the future with great-tasting options people want".

As shoppers become more interested in their health, Coke has had to battle declining sales volumes over the past few years.

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