Republicans say effort to help 'Dreamer' immigrants advances

Durbin on Trump'He Said These Hate Filled Things

Durbin on Trump'He Said These Hate Filled Things

"There's still a lot of uncertainty", said 23-year-old Pedro Villalobos who was brought to the United States illegally when he was two months old.

Kevin Diaz, a Washington correspondent for the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express News, says the ruling still leaves plenty of questions about the future of DACA. He also called for ending the diversity visa lottery, a State Department program that gives residents of nations with few migrants coming to the us a chance for a green card, and for ending family-based migration (called "chain migration" by its opponents) that allows extended family members of immigrants already in the USA legally to come to the well.

Trump ran on a hardline immigration platform during the 2016 presidential election, promising to end DACA and strengthen border protections to increase jobs for U.S. workers.

The group, which also consists of Sens.

And Democrats in the Senate have an advantage because there are four Republicans who could join 49 Democrats to pass what the Democrats want and is contrary to what the House passes. "I understand that they've taken the kids hostage". D-Ill., said about the negotiations.

The progress senators expressed hope for comes after a unique meeting with Trump on Tuesday, almost an hour of which was televised. Durbin is blunt. He says he doesn't love making all the tradeoffs Republicans are demanding.

Alsup ruled that the rescission of DACA was based on a flawed legal premise that the Department of Homeland Security lacked authority to create the program. "President Trump has a history of being able to negotiate his way through tricky situations", said Vlad Davidiuk, Communications Director with the Harris County Republican Party.

President Trump Signs MLK Day Proclamation
President Trump Signs MLK Day Proclamation

"That helps for those who have envisioned this big concrete brick and mortar wall".

The committee chairman said the Catholic leaders are ready to work with Congress and the White House to find a solution, but he also cautioned against including "unrelated, unnecessary or controversial elements of immigration policy" in a fix for DACA.

In a high-profile, on-camera meeting at the White House, Trump had urged leaders from both parties to compromise on the fate of the Dreamers while at the same time insisting on the need for a his controversial wall along the Mexican border.

Still, Trump has repeatedly said he needed federal funding for the border wall - with repayment from Mexico to follow.

A bipartisan group of US senators on Thursday reached a tentative agreement on legislation to protect young "Dreamer" immigrants from deportation, along with other immigration policy changes, and is attempting to build support for the deal in Congress.

So much legal uncertainty remains that immigration advocacy groups are warning DACA enrollees not to rush to submit their applications for renewing protections for the maximum 2-year period. "It pits dreamers against their parents".

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