Nigel Farage's MEP salary slashed to recoup 'misspent' funds

Pay docked Nigel Farage

Pay docked Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has "effectively joined the Remain camp" in hinting he could back a second referendum on Europe, a UKIP assembly member has claimed.

Estimates from Nomura's United Kingdom economics team, led by George Buckley, suggest that sterling would pop up to around $1.40 (still around 5-6% lower than pre-referendum) should a second vote be announced.

"To be clear, I do not want a second referendum, but I fear one may be forced upon the country by parliament", Farage wrote in an article on the Daily Telegraph website.

"That is how deep my distrust is for career politicians", he wrote. Do we stick with the view that the result will stand or acknowledge the fact that we face this potential threat?

"He has done an extraordinary amount of good work to establish UKIP in the first place but all political careers come to an end and really this does signal the end of the political career of Nigel Farage".

The former UKIP leader said: "I'm reaching the point of thinking that we should have a second referendum on European Union membership" on Channel 5's the Wright Stuff. They will go on whingeing and whining and moaning all the way through this process.

"I have just voted to get rid of my job".

Many of them reacted quickly in support of Farage's proposal, expressing confidence about winning the second time around.

Sittingbourne and Sheppey MP Gordon Henderson said: "I have always been a great supporter and admirer of Nigel Farage but I am becoming slowly less warm now that he has become a caricature of himself to get attention".

"Support is now growing on both sides of the argument for a vote on the final deal and the choice of an exit from Brexit", Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake said. This hasn't happened. It hasn't happened because people are becoming more anxious about the consequences.

"In any event, even though we don't think this intervention has materially increased the chances of a second referendum, it does serve to bring it into the market consciousness", the note says. "Tony Blair and Nigel Farage aren't two people I'd normally like to be put in a group with, but on this issue they are speaking sense".

Ukip leader Henry Bolton said his former boss was "wrong" to suggest the Government should hold another vote on Brexit.

And Prime Minister Theresa May's spokesman, James Slack, was firm.

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