HP Inc leads amid falling global PC shipments: Gartner

HP Inc leads PC market amid falling global shipments: Gartner

PC market sees first positive holiday quarter growth in 6 years, says IDC

PC shipments reached almost 260 million in 2017, representing a YOY decline of 0.2% and the most stable year for the market since 2011. "However, the overall PC market remains a challenging one".

Worldwide PC shipments for Q4 in 2017 have dipped by 71.6 million units, a 2 per cent decline from the prior year according to Gartner.

Growth in demand was noted in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) (APeJ) and Latin America, with Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) stable due to growth in the sales of notebooks and an upgrade cycle in business, and US challenging with a decline in both notebooks and desktops and a total of 16.5 million units sold. "There was only a moderate shipment decline in EMEA", said Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner.

"The US market saw a steep decline, which offset the generally positive results in other regions", Kitagawa added.

Apple remained in the fourth position and grew its shipments 7.3% in the fourth quarter of 2017. The results outperformed the forecast of a 1.7% decline in shipments during the quarter. Overall, total PC shipments for the fourth quarter of 2017 stood at 16.5 million units.

"The fourth quarter results showed some potentially encouraging headway against the hard environment in retail and consumer PCs", IDC research manager Jay Chou said in a statement.

IDC said the figures "further validate the view of a steadying, albeit still weak" PC market, but Gartner said its own figures prove that the PC market is still in transition and will weaken further as buyers switch their attention from budget computers to high-end machines. This will increase PC average selling prices (ASPs) and help profitability in the long run. Dell did well in EMEA, Asia/Pacific and Latin America, but it had weak results in North America. Dell did well in EMEA, Asia/Pacific and Latin America, but it had weak results in North America. The decline was attributed to weak consumer demand despite holiday season sales and higher United States consumer confidence.

A total of 259.5 million PCs were shipped in 2017, supported by commercial upgrades and some pockets of improving consumer demand.

"The fourth quarter results confirmed again that PCs are no longer popular holiday gift items". Demand in the United Kingdom was still ailing and unit shipments into Germany were weaker than expected. This program offers a comprehensive and timely picture of the worldwide PC market, allowing product planning, distribution, marketing and sales organizations to keep abreast of key issues and their future implications around the globe.

The IDC reports PC sales were better than expected in Q4 2017, with shipments actually growing 0.7% YoY instead of declining 1.7% as expected. The consumer market stabilized with fourth-quarter online promotions in many countries, which drove demand for gaming PCs and thin and light notebooks. However despite the small quarterly growth of 0.7 percent, mobile devices are continuing to have a dampening effect on the global PC market. ASUS saw its shipments decline 11.2% year over year in 4Q17.

HP continues to lead as the top PC vendor worldwide with 8.3 percent growth year-over-year in Q4 shipments. In 2011, the top four vendors accounted for 45 percent of PC shipments.

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