Goldman Sachs Believes Cryptocurrency May Substitute Real Money In Africa

After Conquering the Markets in 2017, Will the Bitcoin Frenzy Persist in 2018?!

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Goldman's report comes at a time when many reputable economists, politicians, regulators, and investors refuse to consider Bitcoin a form of money. "I think it would be attractive for Oklahoma and for bitcoin". Therefore, investors should remain cautious when trading bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Wilson believes so much in the future of bitcoin that he now operates one of the only "BTMs", or bitcoin ATMs, in the Oklahoma City area.

This same situation seems to have a negative impact on the price of Bitcoin.

However, the analysts warned that investors may not realize astronomical gains, if digital currencies become a widely used form of payment. The rush to invest in cryptocurrencies is so huge that several exchanges facilitating the buying and selling of virtual currencies are now asking investors to wait to process their payments and facilitate transactions. "This is a real, legitimate thing", Wilson said.

Goldman Sachs has stated that Bitcoin could be a blessing to the people who live in countries where the domestic currency continues to lose value due to inflation and supply mismanagement.

Then there are those hoping to make money. Several institutional investors are also taking short positions on bitcoin, signifying their bearish outlook. He points out that Google Trends has identified "Bitcoin" as one of the most popular search terms in Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa, which are countries with unstable national currencies. Occasional crashes on an upward trajectory are to be expected, but unlike traditional stocks that are tied to the performance of a company, there's no real-world entity that drives the price of these cryptocurrencies. While KFC has recently advertised the premiere of their "Bitcoin Bucket", the appeal of using your virtual currency for fried chicken is a lot lower when you realize that a $20 bucket would become $50 after fees.

The Japanese Bitcoin babes that will be informing the world about the magic of cryptocurrency are part of a band called Kasotsuka Shojo, featuring eight singers that each represent a different type of cryptocurrency.

"We have, and always will, accept cryptocurrencies for our conferences up to 14 days before the event". According to the representative contacted for this article, the company's support team was "last updated on December 27, 2017" with no timeline available on when customers would once again be able to use bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies such as Ripple. He also suggests backing up your password several times.

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