Dark Souls will land on the Nintendo Switch this year

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Dark Souls Remastered will be announced today

After all the rumours and tweets, finally the dust has settled and what we thought were rumours came out to be the truth as on 10th January, the Nintendo Direct Mini went live.

Now Nintendo Switch users can experience the game that the rest of have already enjoyed many many hours of.

Take your first look at the Switch version above - what do you think of it? You could essentially think of these balloons as an infinite number of power moons to search for while also including leaderboards to give you extra incentive to play the mode frequently.

The story mode will include a host of single-player missions and boss battles, as well as new gameplay tweaks.

Dark Souls Remastered will be released in the West on May 25, while the Dark Souls Trilogy Box will release a day earlier in Japan. Payday 2 was also announced for the Switch. TWEWY has been critically acclaimed for its innovative battle system and is well-loved by many fans of the franchise. Every once in a great while, though, the Xbox One outsells the PlayStation 4 for a month, and December 2017 was reportedly such a month.

Most price cuts applied to the Switch are retailer's discount and they don't offset the MSRP by a significant margin.

The PC release of the game, which followed a year after the console release, was poorly optimized and PC gamers had to rely on modders to stabilize the game.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (May 4) - Yet another Wii U port making its way to the Switch, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is set to land on the new console in May this year. Players will be able to customize their characters using tons of new outfits and items. Tag Team Frenzy is scheduled to hit this Summer. Dark Souls: Remastered will be available on May 25th. They are glad to see that Nintendo tries to court developers and games that most of the people prefer.

Payday 2 (Feb 27) - We've known about this port for a while, but Payday 2 is now confirmed for a Switch release on February 27.

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