Dark Souls Remastered announced Nintendo Switch, PS 4, Xbox One

I was beginning to think we would never see the day of getting a remaster of Dark Souls after there was that small leak where it was meant to be shown off in the last Nintendo Direct. Bandai Namco have since admitted this was a mistake, and altered the information accordingly. For the first time, we can play Dark Souls at 4k.

How much do you really love Dark Souls? The Switch version will mark the first time that the title has been available on Nintendo hardware, and its first official portable release - flawless for anyone that is looking for a truly punishing action-RPG to enjoy during their commute. The game will run at an upscaled 4K and 60fpss on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. Pc players will have the option to run at a native 4K resolution. It features Dark Souls Remastered, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, Dark Souls 3: The Fire Fades Edition.

Dark Souls Remastered is due out on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch on May 25. In handheld mode, it will be 720p and 30 fps. Miyazoe also confessed a lack of experience when it came to working on PC. That could rely on how well the Switch version of Dark Souls: Remastered sells, but that's just speculation on my part. It will still be punishingly tough.

The leak comes from a Twitter user in Japan who claims to have spotted a listing in a local game store for Dark Souls Remastered with a release date of 24 May, 2018.

The remaster will include the Artorias of the Abyss DLC and improve framerate and resolution. Previously, all games of the "Souls" sub-genre of roleplaying games (RPGs) were only released on the PlayStation, Xbox, or PC. It's the little things like these that make the Switch version of Dark Souls feel less appealing. Dark Souls Remastered is the latest in the trend of critically acclaimed remastered games.

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