Canada, US to host meeting on North Korea

Canada, US to host meeting on North Korea

Tillerson to attend int'l foreign ministers meeting on North Korea in Canada

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will head to Canada next week to co-host a meeting of high-level global diplomats focused on expressing solidarity against North Korea's ongoing nuclear weapons and ballistic missile provocations.

The top USA diplomat will be in Vancouver Monday to Wednesday for the Vancouver Foreign Ministers' Meeting on Security and Stability on the Korean Peninsula, Heather Nauert said in a statement.

Amid the unprecedented escalation of the tensions on the Korean Peninsula since summer, Russian Federation and China proposed the so-called double freeze plan: with North Korea, on one hand, halting its nuclear and missile programs, while its neighbors, on the other hand, would refrain from holding joint drills with the United States in the region.

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will participate in the meeting's welcome dinner on Monday, the State Department said.

A spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry told reporters in Beijing the Vancouver meeting would undermine peace efforts.

The decision followed growing concerns over the last six months about North Korea's nuclear and ballistic-missile capabilities, which the country has showcased numerous times with a variety of tests. They were also responsible for creating North Korea and giving it the backing it needed to launch the Korean War.

The penalties that came into force on September 5 a year ago banned countries from buying coal, iron ore, lead, lead ore and seafood from North Korea.

The U.S. recently sanctioned several companies and individuals in China, following years of complaints about money-laundering and illicit trade with North Korea.

To that end, North Korea has initiated talks to negotiate its entry into the upcoming Olympic Games in South Korea.

Relations between Pyongyang and Beijing are at a new low, so much so that the North Korean envoy to China refuses to come out of the embassy.

With tougher sanctions now in place, the State Department is looking for ways to make sure North Korea is not circumventing punishing limits on imports and 90 percent of its publicly reported exports.

"Is it going to be middle-power multilateralism, where we bring countries together, the like-minded and not like-minded, to fashion some solutions that will be supportive of what the big guys are going to be doing?"

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