Bigg Boss 11 grand finale

Who deserves to win Bigg Boss 11 An Analysis 3

Bigg Boss 11: Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan, Puneesh Sharma or Shilpa Shinde - THIS contestant to get ELIMINATED before finale?

Vikas asked Shilpa Shinde to either jump in the pool which she hates or press the buzzer to exit from the task.

Later, Vikas and Shilpa were seen criticising Puneesh for not being loyal to anybody in the house. On the other hand, Shilpa sides with Vikas and tells him that Hina is a "drama queen". Shilpa would have already warned Vikas not to get the family picture as Hina can do anything to perform the task! Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde are getting nearly same number of Votes, Though Shilpa is leading but By very small margin.

After an eventful day one in the Vikas City, the day two was also full of extremes. Vikas asks her to step aside as soon as she can. Hina follows his order and gets to know that it was not her coffee powder. She tells Vikas that Hina has watched previous seasons' episodes and to escape from cooking, she had lied to them (that she doesn't know to cook). "Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma are out of the Race for now".

Hina pretended to break the bracelet without actually being serious about it. Vikas chose to attack Hina's personal belongings with hopes that she would opt out of the task.

Hina pretends to destroy his mother's photo. Vikas, Puneesh and Shilpa say that they will miss the house. Then he asks her to stamp on his family photo and she again pretends to do it, she actually steps around the photo.

Later, Hina and Vikas argue with each other. But Shilpa claimed that Hina can cook, but she never wanted to work, which is why she has never shown that side of hers in the house. Puneesh listens to her and later tells Hina that Shilpa has no emotions and that she broke her mug without any feelings. She says she can not believe that she has done the reality show.

"Bigg Boss is a huge platform and I am enjoying the entire process of choreographing the act for Season 11 finale". Vikas wins Rs 6 lakh and loses Rs 3 lakh because of Hina. Both the ladies in the house are summoned by "dictator" Vikas Gupta in the garden area. Vikas wants Shilpa to feed him some papaya as part of the task and she tells him that the house is unusual. To prove to Shilpa Shinde that she can't cook, Hina Khan entered the kitchen to fix a meal for herself.

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