Alexa will be in Your New Toyota, Lexus Car by 2019

Chris Monroe  CNET

Chris Monroe CNET

These companies will allow Alexa into their vehicles or integrating the voice service into the connectivity systems that link customers' cars and mobile phones.

Automakers are scrabbling to understand what voice activated software could mean for the future of driving but the tool will initially be put to use relaying directions, dictating news and activating onboard entertainment.

Alexa, an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon will be hitting Windows 10 PCs later this year. While the new Three is slated to arrive this fall for $499 (same price as the current model), the One with Google's virtual assistant won't ship until spring 2019.

Toyota's Entune 3.0 system gets an upgrade to include a version of Alexa.

You can now find third-party services for Google Home on the web.                  Taylor Martin  CNET
You can now find third-party services for Google Home on the web. Taylor Martin CNET

Three years and change since the launch of Amazon's digital assistant, Alexa has quickly spread beyond the Echo product line into a myriad of other smart-home appliances.

"We have all seen how Alexa has transformed interaction in homes, but in today's world, we are constantly on the go". Among other things they'll be able to remotely start the vehicle, unlock its doors or even check fuel levels, for example. This latest move by Amazon seems more like an attempt to challenge Cortana, rather than work with it, unless it proves to be the first chapter in showing how Alexa and Cortana will be mutual supportive.

Several automakers, notably including Ford, are taking advantage of Alexa's ability to conduct e-commerce.

The partnership will bring to life Amazon's plans to expand its speech platform beyond one's home. The Marketplace already allows a driver to order beverages and food from some partners, while also reserving a hotel room or an airline ticket.

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