3 soldiers fall off chopper during Army Day practice

“Material failure” appears to be the reason behind the incident involving AHL Dhruv

“Material failure” appears to be the reason behind the incident involving AHL Dhruv

Sources in the Indian Army said the "boom" of the Dhruv Advance Light Helicopter (ALH), from which the slithering operation was being conducted, broke off.

Slithering involves soldiers coming down from a hovering helicopter through a rope. The slithering operations, which involve troops slipping down a rope usually from a helicopter, is a method used to drop troops in an area of action when a chopper cannot land. As the soldiers start to descent, the rope is seen slipping off the helicopter which results in a free fall.According to media reports, the incident took place on January 9 and the soldiers are now undergoing treatment at Army Hospital Research And Referral in New Delhi.

A Dhruv twin-engine helicopter flew the soldiers to the designated "drop" zone and as three soldiers slithered down the rope dangling from the helicopter the boom supporting the rope reportedly developed snag. The soldiers are reported safe and are undergoing treatment at the Army Hospital Research and Referral in New Delhi.

Army sources said investigation on how the accident occurred is in process. However, the good news is that none of the three army personnel received any serious injuries.

"Slithering operations have been suspended till the cause of accident is known".

The practice was being held for the upcoming Army Day on January 15.

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