U.S. deploys B-2 Spirit stealth bombers, 200 airmen to Guam

The New York truck attack suspect has been identified — here’s what we know now

The New York truck attack suspect has been identified — here’s what we know now

During the bilateral talks between North and South Korea this week, the US Air Force deployed three nuclear-capable B-2 Spirit bombers to Guam, along with some 200 airmen.

Andersen Air Force Base, from which heavy bombers would be dispatched and logistics support could be centered, would play a key role in the event of conflict erupting on the Korean Peninsula.

The Andersen base, which is the U.S. strategic point in the Asia-Pacific region, now has B-1 bombers.

US Pacific Air Forces disclosed the deployment Wednesday night, and the Pentagon released several photographs of the planes landing on Guam on Monday. Besides its strategic location in the Pacific, allowing access to Asia, it provides support activities to the USA military.

North Korea has ramped up its threats to the US and its allies in both words and deeds, including successful tests of what the country claimed was a powerful hydrogen bomb and the separate test of an intercontinental ballistic missile believed capable of striking the American mainland. As Pacific Daily News reported, unlike other usa military bases in the region, the United States maintains the most decision-making freedom on Guam.

The move comes just days after North and South Korean leaders met to discuss the 2018 Winter Olympics next month. Military experts say that any USA strike on North Korea would nearly certainly involve the powerful bombers.

"I think President Trump deserves big credit for bringing about the inter-Korean talks", South Korean President Moon Jae In said at a news conference. The Guam base has always been seen as the likely staging area for United States attacks against North Korea.

Experts had suggested that North Korea proposed the talks as a way to disrupt cooperation between South Korea and the United States, but South Korean representatives claim that they support the position of President Trump on denuclearizing North Korea and will not sway.

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