Pakistan court frees anti-US cleric amid spat with Trump

The Trump administration last week suspended nearly USD 2 billion in security assistance to Pakistan for its failure to take decisive action against terror groups like the Taliban and the Haqqani Network

Kabul urges Islamabad not to 'politicize' refugee issue

Pakistan's decision to suspend military and intelligence cooperation with America came after President Donald Trump accused Islamabad of giving nothing to the USA but "lies and deceit" and suspended about Dollars 2 billion in security aid to it, Pakistani media quoted Defence Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan as saying.

This comes as the US President Donald Trump last week criticized Pakistan in strong words for harboring the terrorist groups despite receiving billions in aid to support the counter-terrorism efforts in Afghanistan.

The United States says it has not been officially notified that Pakistan has suspended military or intelligence cooperation with Washington. In the said incident, the marauding troops dragged the driver out from the vehicle and shot the passengers in cold blood, killing 20 innocent people on the spot, after which the troopers started spraying gun powder, petrol and kerosene on the surrounding buildings and torched them too leading to more deaths and grievous injuries.

The Foreign Office on Thursday said operation between Pakistan and the United States was imperative for the regional peace and specifically for stability in Afghanistan. "We shall not stop in our endeavors to root out terrorism, no matter what the cost", said Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) in a recent statement.

A senior US State Department official also said last week that "We believe that there is significant evidence that leadership of the Haqqani Network resides inside Pakistan and is able to plan and execute from Pakistan attacks inside Afghanistan". It means that an earlier promised repayment of 900 million USA dollars from Washington to Islamabad has suddenly cancelled.

The US on Wednesday expressed hope that Pakistan would "come to the table" and demonstrate willingness to "aggressively" confront terrorist groups that operate from its territory, amid reports that Islamabad has suspended its military and intelligence cooperation with America.

The Pentagon's top press officer told reporters Monday that the United States wants Pakistan to take "decisive action" against terrorism within the region following the suspension of security funds and military equipment to the Pakistani government - a decision that drew harsh backlash last week from the USA ally. "Logistics trump strategy", he said.

Pakistan is considered the safest and cheapest route to resupply North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troops. He added that the suspending but not cutting off permanently security aid to Pakistan.

He said our cooperation also helped to secure the region and decimate Al-Qaeda which has also been acknowledged by the U.S. leadership.

Pakistan's response last week, however, was more tempered than previous official statements to past accusations.

The Spokesperson said all states had a legitimate right to pursue peaceful uses of space technologies.

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