New law allows native Oregonian to pump gas for the first time



Twenty eighteen has begun with a debate in OR and New Jersey that has many people in the United States clinging onto laws that force consumers to have someone pump their gas for them at fueling stations. Others, like most places here in NY (where we've been pumping our own gas forever), will either have one lane designated as full service where you pay a bit more or you can pull up to a pump and blow your horn.

"I don't even know HOW to pump gas and I am 62, native Oregonian.I say NO THANKS! Grrr", one woman wrote on Facebook. Some of the concerns include smelling like gas and not being qualified to pump their own gas. I will literally park at the pump and wait until someone pumps my gas.

At her station, an attendant will still be around to help those who may not know the way.

Historically, it was illegal in fact for drivers to pump their own fuel in the state. Numerous commenters were concerned about the hazards of pumping their own gas like.

Added Deerick Smith on Twitter: "To all the OR natives, I will be teaching how to pump gas tomorrow via Skype".

"Just because we're the only state, doesn't mean we're the wrong state", said Senate President Stephen Sweeney, D-Gloucester. If that's not one of your personal life experiences I'm perfectly willing to accept the premise, but have you ever seen your gas station attendant do it? Yes, that means there is a slough of drivers who have never pumped their own gas before. It turns out that some people REALLY liked having someone else pump their gas and they're REALLY mad about potentially having to do it for themselves.

"Our experience after nearly 13 years is that out-of-state residents are very capable of dispensing [their] fuel and the majority of Oregonians delight in being able to if we are swamped", Downs said. A post on the Facebook of local news station KTVL asking locals what they reckon about the new change has attracted some... interesting responses. But for whatever reason, OR and New Jersey decided against repealing their laws, either to save jobs OR because the people in those states are naturally stubborn traditionalists.

Not all OR gas stations will be changing their ways, according to the Bend Bulletin. At the time, many states had similar laws on the books, but a lot has changed since 1951, and gas stations and pumps are much safer now.

People across the US are getting in on the fun, too.

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