LG Unveils 65-inch UHD Rollable OLED Display

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The flexibility of the display or we can say an OLED Television allows you to carry it along with you anytime anywhere. Further, There is the company's proprietary Triluminos display technology for an enhanced colour accuracy. If LG's display standard catches on, TVs could be easily carried around in light, tube-shaped cases. The company has described well about this new IPS Technology. Now, the world's first rollable 65-inch 4K OLED display offers a more realistic (yet still kinda crazy) use for OLED tech that's flexible.

The firm is also set to show off its new 88-inch 8K OLED display and Crystal Sound OLED technology, which 'makes sound emanate directly from the panel'.

The front of the 4k OLED display works and looks just like a regular TV screen. Instruct the TV to "search for the soundtrack of this movie" or "turn off the TV when this program is over" without repeating the name of the program or entering a specific time. At CES 2016 it showcased a similar rollable TV with a smaller 18-inch screen.

Samsung is not the only South Korean tech giant that is launching innovative TVs this year at CES 2018. Only the higher-end OLED TVs will have this new processor: Ultra HD TVs and some of the cheaper OLEDs will have an A7 chip. There will be some impressive new computer monitors and Art Glass displays for TVs too showcased at CES 2018.

Sadly, there is no any information regarding the pricing and availability of this new Rollable OLED display or Television available at this moment with us. With LG's offerings coming with both, it definitely has the potential to make these stand out more for consumers when they go to look at upgrading to a new TV. You can use the built-in Google Assistant to control third-party smart devices.

Elsewhere, the majority of LG's Super UHD LCD 4K TVs have moved from edge-based local dimming to full-array local dimming. The bottom part that accommodates the display when rolled down is also least impressive but can still serve an important objective, that of housing the speakers or other related stuff.

Looking at it up close, I could detect no difference between this rollable panel and LG Display's other, profoundly gorgeous OLED TVs.

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