Johnson Controls' Cortana-powered thermostat is up for pre-order in March

Microsoft and Johnson Controls unveil 1st Cortana-powered smart thermostat with pre-orders in March

Microsoft reveals pre-order details for its beautiful, pricey Cortana thermostat

"Because GLAS is powered by Windows 10 IoT Core and Azure IoT, the smart thermostat keeps getting better by delivering the latest feature and security software updates".

That's because you can call on Cortana's assistance instead.

To register for pre-order information, check out Johnson Control's GLAS page here.

Last summer Microsoft announced a lovely Cortana-powered thermostat that looked like something out of a tasteful science fiction film, and now, at last, we have some more details about it. The integration of Cortana into the GLAS thermostat allows the adjusting of temperature using your voice. It is a truly smart thermostat, so it can tell when you're home and adjust the temperature accordingly. The product will also be available for pre-order in March 2018 for $319, but you can sign up now to receive a notification when the product becomes available on the product's website. If you are across the room and snug in a warm blanket and you want the heat turned down, you can say "Hey Cortana, set the temperature to 68-degrees". Cortana will also be able to give traffic, weather, timer, calendar, reminders, and lists. As the name implies, it's a translucent OLED touchscreen.

"Developing GLAS really allowed our team to think outside of the box, understand consumers and create a customer-backed design that is both lovely in form and also very functional", said Don Albinger, vice president & general manager, building automation systems, Johnson Controls. It'll be compatible with gas, oil, and electric heating, along with ground-, air-, and water-source heat pumps, and has dual-fuel support for heat pumps.

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