Google Assistant Expands Beyond Android TV To LG's webOS

2018 LG OLED and Super UHD TVs will have Google Assistant

LG Super UHD TV All Set to Launch at CES 2018 with ThinQ Ai and Google Assistant

Ahead of CES next week, LG is sharing details of its 2018 OLED and "Super UHD" TV lineup.

And, yes, LG's new ThinQ speaker can also control smart home devices using Google Assistant as well as an LG voice app that controls ThinQ smart home appliances (such as smart refrigerators, dishwashers, thermostats, robotic vacuums and air purifiers).

LG has announced some news that it'll be fleshing out during CES 2018: its upcoming OLED and Super UHD TVs will have Google Assistant support via the maker's ThinQ AI platform.

LG also pointed out another advantage that its ThinQ AI brings when it said, "With a dramatically streamlined setup process, viewers can easily and quickly connect to gaming consoles and external soundbars".

LG Electronics is waiting to take credit of raising TV technology standard when they introduce the company's 2018 OLED TVs embedded with Google Assistant.

LG adds that customers in select countries will be able to utilise the Google Assistant to control smart home devices such as lights or activate third-party services.

LG announced today that its 2018 lineup of OLED and SUPER UHD TVs will include Google Assistant in some regions. The Alpha 9 processor has advanced mapping capabilities which make colors to look very close to the original content by filtering distracting artifacts while also supporting 120 frames per second. Some of the functions LG TVs will support include browsing Google Photo, checking traffic on Google Maps and ordering services, whether it's a ride from Uber or a pizza delivery.

This year's SUPER UHD TV with FALD allows for denser backlighting zones throughout the display, contrary to edge-lighting where backlights are positioned on the edges behind the TV panel. The current biggest OLED you can get is the Signature W series at 77 inches, and you won't get change from $30,000 on that one, if not much more.

This is the key to voice control in devices: it not only has to work, it has to be better than physical control. LG will have three other OLED models and a full suite of LG Super UHD LED televisions.

LG is embedding artificial intelligence (AI) functionality into its 2018 smart TV line, letting consumers use their TVs as smart-home hubs.

All this will uplift the existing TV-watching experience.

This new Alpha 9 processor is powerful enough for not just AI, but it will support video at up to 120FPS, as well as providing better color performance and a "four-step process of noise reduction".

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