Drunk Russian steals tank, rams into supermarket and steals wine

Russia tank rampage

EAST2WEST RUSSIA The drunk man pinched the tank from a military driving school outside Murmansk

A person living nearby was able to record the weird crime (see above), and many people photographed the aftermath.

The man is reported to have crashed into the storefront and demanded wine.

Police said he stole the snow-covered military vehicle from a local military training organisation in a forest near Murmansk.

He also crushed a vehicle during his joyride.

Witnesses said that a 29-year-old man crashed through the window of a Semya supermarket after the vehicle, owned by an official paramilitary organisation, emerged from woodland and hit a auto. I don't blame the man for taking a joyride in that vehicular behemoth. Apparently, this was a man who just wanted some wine, and that was all. Reuters notes that witnesses at the scene "did not seem particularly disturbed by the incident". The drunken driver even pokes his head out of the top hatch at one point in the clip for a look around before backing up the APC.

After crashing said tank into a Daewoo Lanos (seriously you can't make this stuff up), he has then deliberately driven the armoured vehicle into the side of a local supermarket, where he ventured inside to grab a bottle of wine. He reportedly didn't resist arrest. Given the amount of alcohol coursing through his veins, it's awesome this brash criminal was still conscious.

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