Twitch is making a reality TV show for aspiring streamers

Twitch is making a reality TV show for aspiring streamers

Twitch's new reality series will pit streamers against each other for $60000

The reality TV genre has pretty much got all bases covered - there's even a TV show featuring people... watching TV - but now live-gaming is making its way into the fold with Stream On, by Twitch Studios. Aspiring competitors must be part of Twitch's Partner Program and at least 18 years old. Contestants will face challenges created to test important streamer skills and will be evaluated by a panel of Twitch judges. The show, entitled Stream On, will premiere in March 2018.

Submission information can be found on the Twitch submission page. Viewers in Twitch chat will also play an important role in choosing who advances and who is eliminated at each stage of the friendly competition.

While all those participating in the event will receive the promised visibility boost and, in theory, a hike in their viewer numbers, the grand prize victor will get something more concrete: a $60,000 cash prize, paid out as $5,000 per month and earmarked to 'help take their streaming career to the next level'.

This first series will only be open to streamers from the US, Canada and United Kingdom that are already partnered with Twitch. You can check out the full rules, and how to enter, right here.

Stream On will take place across multiple channels as contestants compete throughout each week from their own home-streaming setups.

The competition is built to compliment and expand, not replace, your current streaming strategy. Whether it's posting on blogs, making static YouTube videos or streaming on Twitch, it's a combination of tapping into a new audience, dedication and luck that makes the difference when trying to break through into a career path.

Interested in voting for your favourite streamer? In the meantime, also be sure to check out other opportunities available from Twitch Studios at LIRIK, if you're reading this, please don't apply.

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