SpaceX unveils new Falcon Heavy rocket before January launch


Twitter REVOLUTION Up to two people will be able to travel in the megarocket

SpaceX founder Elon Musk unveiled a tantalizing first glimpse at his company's new megarocket - the Falcon Heavy- which is expected to launch on its maiden flight next month.

First three pictures were released on Wednesday, December 20, 2017. First, though, SpaceX will test-fire all 27 of the rocket's engines at the pad. Unconfirmed whispers in the fan community have it on good authority that the Roadster has in fact already been mated to the second stage's payload adapter, and transport to the Cape and integration with the full Falcon Heavy stack are undoubtedly imminent. Musk announced the SpaceX plans to build the Falcon Heavy, which will be capable of taking people or cargo to the International Space Station, the moon or even Mars.

The Falcon Heavy has been one of the more-anticipated missions of 2018 as SpaceX works toward a mission to Mars. SpaceX aims to conduct the test by the end of the month, according to The Associated Press.

"Starting to look more and more like a launch pad!"

In 2011, Musk said he hoped to launch the first Falcon Heavy in 2013.

A lack of frenetic activity at the pad in the last handful of days suggests that those modifications are almost complete, and SpaceX fans and followers are now eagerly awaiting the rollback of the TEL to 39A's integration facilities, where Falcon Heavy will soon after be integrated with the TEL for the first time ever. "All the loads change, aerodynamics totally change".

The new images show the three Falcon 9 boosters linked together in the Falcon Heavy configuration. "Then you've got separation systems".

The Falcon Heavy is created to be mostly reusable, just like individual Falcon 9 rockets.

Musk has repeatedly downplayed expectations.

Falcon Heavy's 27 engines on display at 39A.

Based on Musk's photos, all the rocket is missing is the payload.

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