Techland Announces Dying Light: Bad Blood, PvP Expansion Due in 2018

Dying Light gets a Battle Royale-inspired expansion called Bad Blood in 2018

Techland Announces Dying Light: Bad Blood, PvP Expansion Due in 2018

Just as the third version of the game engine spawned Call of Juarez and the fifth version brought Dead Island in 2011, Dying Light is first game to show off Chrome Engine 6 - Hellraid being this year's only other Chrome 6 title. Alliances in "Bad Blood" are temporary, so be wary of the people you play with, even if they decide to help you.

When it comes to the game mode, Bad Blood aims to merge PvE elements into the gameplay, and the rules of the mode reveal why: you and five other players are dropped into a zombie-infested map. Players can sign up to be one of the beta testers on the PC by signing in with their Techland account on the Dying Light site. This expansion is the result of the numerous fan requests for a Player-vs-Player approach to Dying Light, as well as the recent popularity of the battle royale genre. Six players must harvest blood from the zombies riddling their area of play and they must do so quickly and efficiently. Each of you has the same goal: to evacuate before the night falls. But remember, the clock is ticking.

Regardless, it seems that everyone will need to pay for their individual seat meaning that teamwork will likely only get you so far. You have to scavenge for weapons while harvesting blood samples from the infected. Though seats on the helicopter are unlocked based on the cumulative total of samples collected, seats can only be purchased individually.

However, to actually get on these empty seats players have to pay a toll of a certain number of these samples, which can lead to alliances being broken and betrayed as players might need to kill who they've been working with to steal enough samples from them to ensure their own survival. After a while, an evacuation vehicle will arrive on the scene, but it has limited seating.

Dying Light: Bad Blood is set to launch sometime in 2018.

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