National Hockey League gives Seattle the green light to submit an application for expansion

Oak View Group renderings for Key Arena for when the NHL comes to Seattle

Oak View Group renderings for Key Arena for when the NHL comes to Seattle

Bettman said Seattle is the only city being considered for expansion at the moment, which means an National Hockey League team won't be playing in Quebec City's 18,259-seat Videotron Centre in the foreseeable future.

After the news that the Seattle City Council had approved the renovation plan to KeyArena, Seattle immediately became the hottest free agent of all the cities on the market.

The NHL has approved Seattle's request to submit an expansion application and will permit the city to begin a season-ticket drive, according to Emily Kaplan of ESPN.

Bill Foley paid a $500 million expansion fee for the Vegas Golden Knights.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman says the franchise fee for the 32nd club has been set at $650 million U.S., up significantly from the $500 million USA the Vegas Golden Knights paid to join the league this season.

A new arena is now being built in the city with the hope of attracting National Hockey League and NBA teams as its first occupants.

Also announced Thursday, the Carolina Hurricanes have sold a majority stake in the franchise to Dallas billionaire Tom Dundon. "We will let them make a case and if they also want to try to do a study for selling season tickets, they can", Bettman said.

How a Seattle NHL franchise would work in terms of conference allocation or expansion draft players or even a team name has not yet been brought to the table, but the fact that Seattle has reached this point gives the city a step in the right direction of gaining a team.

As for the National Hockey League, bringing a franchise to Seattle would balance out the two conferences, with the East now at 16 and the West at 15.

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