Geoffrey Rush files defamation suit against Daily Telegraph over 'inappropriate behaviour' claims

Geoffrey Rush files defamation suit against Daily Telegraph over 'inappropriate behaviour' claims

Geoffrey Rush launches defamation lawsuit against Daily Telegraph newspaper

Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush has filed defamation proceedings against The Daily Telegraph in response to misconduct allegations against him that were published over the past week.

The actor said he would be taking legal action against The Daily Telegraph for publishing reports about the claims, which he dubbed "false", "demeaning", and "intolerable".

The newspaper article last month said an Australian theatre company had received a complaint about "inappropriate behaviour" following the production of King Lear two years ago in which Rush was the star.

According to Nine News, Rush's lawyers issued a letter to the media denying the claims that went viral in November.

At a press conference in Melbourne, Rush said, "Today I filed defamation proceedings in the federal court of Australia against the Daily Telegraph".

"This has caused irreparable damage to my reputation".

Rush said the allegations were "extremely hurtful" to his wife, son and daughter as well as to many colleagues in the film, television and theatre industry.

The STC has not disclosed details of the allegation, but did say an allegation had been made.

Apart from the "inappropriate behaviour" claim, no further information about the nature of the complaint or who made it was revealed.

Comment was being sought from the Daily Telegraph.

"We don't have our have a trial date yet, this has only been set up this afternoon".

The actor resigned the president of the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards after the allegations emerged and missed this week's awards ceremony.

A company spokesperson said the complainant requested the allegation be dealt with confidentially, and did not want Rush notified or involved in any investigation.

Rush won the Best Actor Academy Award in 1997 for his role in Shine and is one of the few actors to have also won a primetime Emmy and a Tony Award.

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